Best Ghana Braids Hairstyles – How to Do Ghana Braids Tutorial For Beginners (Video)

We love the African Protective Braiding Style, which is from Ghana. They are easily identifiable by their thicker appearance which can often require hair extensions and the way they are braided directly behind your forehead.

What are Ghana braids?

Ghana braids are protective braids that go straight back. These braids look similar to braids, but they are thicker due to the extensions.

Designers refer to Ghanaian braids in a variety of ways, including invisible braids and Cherokee braids, banana braids and straight back. They are mandatory because of the many ways you can use Ghanaian braids.

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Ghana braids can be called many other names than other braids. They are also known as pencil corn flies (Cheyenne corn flies), translucent corn flies (Tiny corn flies), and banana braids. This is a popular way to wear your weave in summer.

This is the style to choose if you want to convince yourself.

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