40 Knotless Braid Styles 2022: Jumbo, Lose Braids

What are knotless box braids and what makes them so fascinating? Knotless box braids are becoming the trendiest form of braid for women, unlike regular box braids, the knotless braids are just knotless as the name implies, there is no bulge of hair stemming from the scalp and instead, the root is flat and smooth which gives it a unique and simple look.

Knotless braids look near to a regular braid, this is due to what is called the feed-in technique, which is a protective hairstyle to get for your natural hair.

The knotless braid method starts with your natural hair and gradually pieces of hair or extension is added to the braid as you go and this creates tension on the scalp thereby reducing the chance of hair breakage, knotless braids can last up to 4 or 6 weeks depending on how you can for and maintain them

Knotless braid is another variation of box braid and there are amazing styles for you to rock, this hairstyle has become really popular and this article contains a beautiful style that makes it so trendy.

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Everyone seems to be embracing the trend of knotless braid cause of its simplicity and less manipulation on your scalp, you can avoid the tugging and tightness that comes with getting a regular braid and instead choose a knotless braid and there are plenty of options to consider when going for knotless braids.

Here are 40 beautiful knotless box braids that are trending.

1. Square Pattern Knotless Braid

Square Pattern Knotless Braid
Image: @knotlesscurls // Instagram

This is considered to be the easiest type of knotless braids to do, it is simple and really stylish. This knotless braid might take a while to finish but it’s a hairstyle worth it regardless. There are so many ways this hairstyle can be styled and it’s also a great protective hairstyle for natural hair.

2. Large Knotless Parted Braid

 Large Knotless Parted Braid
Image: @queenbeehairsalon // Instagram

A large knotless braid is another really easy way to get a knotless braid without sitting too long. Parting helps you style your knotless braid insides and it keeps things really cool and simple as well.

3. Ombre Knotless Braid

Ombre Knotless Braid
Source: Hairstyles

Ombre attachment is one of the most used attachment colors for knotless braid. We must admit the color is really cool and fancy.

4. Deep Twist Knotless Braid

Deep Twist Knotless Braid
Image: @imoheboh // Instagram

The deep twist is a protective hairstyle for natural hair but it’s even more gorgeous when styled in a knotless braid. You can use any color of extension for this knotless braid and it would still look amazing.

5. Bob Knotless Braid

Bob Knotless Braid
Image: @bobbraids // Instagram

Bob knotless braid is another really interesting braid style worth trying. This could be a combination of Goddess braid and knotless to enable it to stand out.

6. Star Pattern Knotless Braid

Long Gold Attachment Braid
Image: @blackbeauty // Instagram

If you are searching for the perfect pattern for your knotless braids then here is the perfect style you should try.

7. Cute Goddess Knotless Braid

Goddess Knotless Braid
Source: CurlyGirl

Goddess knotless braid is another really great knotless braid style you can’t help but love.

8. Triangle Knotless Braid

 Triangle Knotless Braid
Image: @trainglebraids // Instagram

The triangle knotless braid is really fun and the triangle under it can’t really be missed. This is usually done in form of loose braids to give your hair some edge.

9. Knotless White Braid

Knotless White Braid
Source: Pinterest

White is that color you should go for when you can’t figure out what style you want. It’s really cool and highlights any skin tone.

10. High Bun Ponytail

High Bun Knotless Braid
Source: Braid Hairstyles

High bun knotless braid is one of the most perfect ways you can pack your braid hairstyle to keep it away from your face.

11. Big Knotless Box Braid

JDivasStyles, LLC
Image: @jdivastyles // Instagram

Not all ladies can sit for hours to get their desired look, but with this big knotless box braid you won’t only get your desired look but you will as well save time and stress at the saloon.

You can as well mix with some colors for a more attractive look.

12. Baby Rocking Space Knotless Braid With Bead

The Braid Bar
Image: @thebraidbar // Instagram

Knotless box braid isn’t just meant for some set of people, both young and old can rock this hairstyle. Babies can rock with more hair bead for more amazing pronounced beauty.

3. Classy Shoulder Length Box Braid

Braids Gang
Image: @braidsgang // Instagram
Classy shoulder-length knotless braid will go well on some ladies that don’t like their hair long to avoid any inconvenience.

4. Gorgeous Knotless Box Braid

Image: @maty_mahera. // Instagram

Classy knotless box braid that can be styled and rocked for that special occasion without thinking of what style to rock with it.

15. Long Knotless Box Braid

The Braiding Vault
Image: @thebraidingvault // Instagram

You sure can’t go wrong rocking a knotless braid, you need the right hairstyle for a perfect girl date? Well going for a knotless box braid will be a good one.

16. Simple Knotless Summer Braids

Beautiful knotless braids
Source: Style Rave

Knotless box braids are fitting for all kinds of season and weather but if you want to keep it elegant and simple for summer, above is a fitting hairstyle to choose from, you can have it packed into a bun to keep the hairs away from your face or simple let it fall while pairing it with a casual summer sunflower dress.

17. Stylish Knotless Box Braid In Ponytail

Beautiful knotless braids
Source: Style Rave

Getting knotless box braid means wearing a ponytail styling that doesn’t drag at your scalp, it is very easy to style it without pulling it too tight, and leaving it loose adds more interesting loo to it. This takes more time though but really fascinating and fitting of any face shape.

18. Loose Knotless Braid

Beautiful knotless braids
Source: Beyonce

Beyonce is one of the celebrities who found knotless braid really exciting and trendy, this is a simple way to keep your natural hair in a protective style, it won’t cause any breakage or scalp injury as it doesn’t pull too tight and all you need is a professional stylist to helps you create it.

19. Tiny Knotless Braid With Side Parting

Beautiful knotless braids
Source: Jhene Aiko

Jhene Aiko looks really gorgeous rocking this knotless braid and compared to a large braid, this could take time especially if an extension is added but it’s a trendy and beautiful hairstyle for the red carpet event.

20. Rainbow Knotless Box Braid

Beautiful knotless braids
Source: All Things Braid

If you love it all colorful and fun then above is a color combination you can try out, this is fascinating and not too dramatic too.

21. Knotless Box Braid With Deep Parting

Beautiful knotless braids
Source: Pinterest

Most women like their braid all flowing around them and if that is the case then this is the best knotless braid to get, the deep parting adds some edge to it and you can style it into a double bun or ponytail if you want.

22. Knotless Box Braid With Loose Braid

Beautiful knotless braids
Source: Pinterest

Combining loose braid with knotless box braid is another trendy way to wear a braid, you can style this any way you want.

23. Space Knotless Box Braid

Beautiful knotless braids
Source: myextensionz

Let your scalp breathe with space knotless braid, you can easily keep your scalp clean with this form of knotless braid and it’s fancy as well.

24. Triangle Knotless Braid

Beautiful knotless braids
Source: Luxurybraiding

Another way to keep it simple and interesting is the style above, every knotless braid would give you a chance to keep your scalp clean and a triangle parting is just fitting for that.

25. Classy Knotless Box Braid

Source: jheneaiko

Classy knotless box braid is stylish, effortless and just like every style of knotless braid, it is beautiful.

26. Dep Ombre Knotless Box Braid

Beautiful knotless braids
Source: Braidsbymela

A cool ombre color for your knotless braid is perfect for spring and you can protect the ends of your hair during this period.

27. Rock Knotless Box Braid

Beautiful knotless braids
Source: Popsugar

Rock knotless box braid if you like your braid full and long, you can also style it whichever way you want to provide you do not pull on it too tight and ensure to keep your scalp clean.

28. Beach Knotless Braid

Beautiful knotless braids
Source: Jada Smith Pinkett

Want to complete the whole beach look with a knotless braid? Jada Smith Pinkett has just the perfect braid style for you to rock, not too elaborate and the color is just perfect if you like it calm.

29. Jumbo Knotless Braid

Beautiful knotless braids
Source: Tessa Thompson

Jumbo box braid has been in trend as long as knotless braid and combining this two-box braid is an exciting style you do not want to miss out on. Tessa Thompson couldn’t have chosen a better hairstyle to show off her beautiful face.

30. Gold Knotless Braid

Beautiful knotless braids
Source: Yvonne Orji

Here is another knotless braid with a color you can’t help but like. Yvonne Orji did pair it with a gold skirt to make it pop even more.

31. Bold Knotless Box Braid In High Bun

Beautiful knotless braids
Source: Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland is another celebrity that we trust her choice of braid and if you are looking for a thick high bun knotless braid then above is just what you need to show your hairstylist.

32. Green Knotless Box Braid

Beautiful knotless braids
Source: Leigh

This green knotless box braid will leave you speechless and get you the best knotless braid award, this is exotic and colorful as well.

33. Space knotless Braid With Gold End

Beautiful knotless braids
Source: Hairstyles and Haircuts

The double-colored extension will need to be used for this if you want this double color, it is one of the trendiest ways ladies rock all forms of a braid.

34. Wine Long Knotless Box Braid

Beautiful knotless braids
Source: Rihanna

Rihanna did pull off this look with ease and we are not surprised at her love for this knotless braid as it comes in handy on days you need to look effortless at the elaborate event.

35. Half Up Half Down Known Braid Styling

Beautiful knotless braids
Source: Elaine Welteroth

Looking for a delightful way to style your braid? Here is one of the most suitable ways you can rock a knotless braid for all kinds of occasions nd not feel disturbed.

36. Loose Knotless Braid

Beautiful knotless braids
Source: Zor Kravitz

If you want to keep your transitioning natural hair save from the harsh weather condition and grow it at the same time then we recommend a loose knotless box braid.

37. Simple High Ponytail Knotless Braid

Beautiful knotless braids
Source: Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer definitely did justice to this knotless braid, you can maintain a formal and casual look at the same time with this styling of the knotless braid and just the kind of braid for all season.

38. Medium Knotless Braid With Loose Ends

Beautiful knotless braids
Source: All Things Hair

Medium knotless braids have been made just so you won’t have to sit too long or find it too much to maintain.

39. Tiny Knotless Braid With Loose End

Beautiful knotless braids
Source: Alissa Ashley

We wonder what can go wrong with this amazing knotless braid above, not only is the loose end adding some glam to it but being tiny mean you can wear it for a long while and not worry about scalp manipulation,

40. Goddess Knotless Box Braid With Center Parting

Beautiful knotless braids
Source: Brazy

Medium knotless box braid is one of the most common sizes of the braid to ger, not too overly dramatic and just like every knotless braid, you can style it whichever way you want and you can add small beads to it but be careful not to use too much that can weigh down the braid.


Every style of the knotless braid has something that makes it stand out, it does not have to be dramatic, just fancy for all occasions, and simple enough to protect your scalp and save your hair from breakage. You can experiment with color and hair accessories to add more glamour to it. Knotless box braid is one of the season’s biggest hair trends.

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