Summer is finally right around the corner, meaning it’s time to show off your best security designs. Sure, every other time of year you can wear protective patterns, but most curlies tend to tuck their hair away while doing outdoor things, such as driving, swimming, and lying on the beach,Continue Reading

70 Braided Hairstyles You Can Make Braid Design You have washed your hair, you have moist and clean hair… You are looking for a new and trendy hairstyle for a different look. Braided hairstyles have always been in fashion and have become the first preferred hairstyle, especially for African AmericanContinue Reading

We continue to offer great Ghana Braids hairstyles that will help you highlight your fun and creative personality. You don’t have to be black for the Ghana braids hairstyle. Because Ghanaian women owe this to their choices, not their skin colors. For this, you can choose one of the greatContinue Reading